Five color LED flat soft light
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You can choose between a 60 ° or 90 ° cellular network to make the light more concentrated and prevent glare for direct viewing!
High luminous efficiency, no glare, no ghosting
Color temperature adjustable between 2500K-9900K
Adopting imported PHILIPS light source with 5 color gamut and intelligent color mixing system
16 bit or more jitter free smooth linear dimming, dimming frequency above 20K
External lithium battery clip board, convenient for use during outdoor photography.
Full name
Model: ZH-TV1440
Name: Five Color Domain LED Flat Soft Light
Rated voltage: AC100~240V/50~60Hz
Rated power: 200W
Power supply: External lithium battery clip board, convenient for use during outdoor shooting
Light source: PHILIPS 480 RGB three in one/3200K/5600K
Beam angle: 120 ° (can choose 60 ° or 90 ° honeycomb network to make the light more concentrated)
Indication: CRI ≥ 95
Color temperature: 2500K-9900K adjustable color temperature
Focusing: manual adjustment
Strobe: 0-30HZ
Dimming: Linear Dimming
Protocol: Knob, DMX, RDM
Channel: 7CH
Display: LCD color screen with 4 buttons
physical characteristics
Shell material: Aluminum alloy die cast aluminum
Protection level: IP20
Heat dissipation: Thermal conduction heat dissipation, fanless design
Working temperature: -20 ℃ -40 ℃
Maximum surface temperature: 55 ℃
Lamp size: 675 × 320 × 112mm
Carton size: 750 × 340 × 150mm
Net weight: 8.2kg
Gross weight: 9.5kg
Power cord: 2.5 meters including (power connector)
Signal line: 2.5 meters including (power connector)
Light blocking leaf (standard) cellular network (optional)
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